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How To Create A Call To Action On My Business Page?

Support Center

How To Create A Call To Action On Sabawyan?

The instructions below are for setting up an An appointment or reservation as a business owner on Sabawyan. 

To setting up an appointment or reservation on your business page

Step 1, Go to Sign In

Step 2, Go to Announcements

Step 3, Click Add Announcements or New and then follow the steps to fill out the announcement form, select Your Listing business page, choose a call to action type, Choose An Icon (optional), Call To Action Title, Description and a URL link if you have a site referral. 

Step 4, Finally, click Save to create an announcement. You will get a confirmation message for successful announcement’s creation.

Step 5, Once you created an announcement successfully, you will be displayed on content Area under Announcement on your business page. 

Congratulations! you have just created A Call To Action successfully.

To view on your business page, follow the link Listing.

Additionally, Once you created, you have also option to turn On/Off  or Edit/Delete on Announcement page.

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